As a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization, DPT maintains a full-service microbiology laboratory for microbiological testing of raw materials and products.

Microbial Limits Assay Development, Testing, and Validation

  • Microbial limit testing
  • Test method validation/suitability
  • Bioburden test validation/determination
  • Bacterial and fungal identification

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (AET)

  • Minimum inhibitory concentration

Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

  • Gel clot method
  • Validation-inhibition enhancement

Process/USP Purified Water Testing

  • Total count
  • Coliform screen
  • Pathogen screen
  • Endotoxin testing

Environmental Monitoring

  • Nonviable
  • Contact viable
  • Viable air
  • Swabbing