Scientific Posters

The DPT library of scientific posters provides the methodologies and results of a number of studies from DPT scientists.

DPT scientists present their Scientific Poster, “The Effect of Vial Stopper Height on the Plumes of Unit-Dose Nasal Sprays” at AAPS 2014

Minimally Invasive Method for Delivery of Iron-Dextran via Transdermal Route

Using Quality by Design Approach to Correlate Patient Usage to the In Vitro Performance of a Nasal Spray Product

Validation of a Particle Size Determination Method for Nano-particles by Dynamic Laser Light Scattering

Enhancing the Solubility of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs in the Presence of Nano-Emulsion Particles

Unit Dose Nasal Sprays: Method Effects Of Setting Stroke Length On Spray Characteristics