Scientific Posters

The DPT library of scientific posters provides the methodologies and results of a number of studies from DPT scientists.

Minimally Invasive Method for Delivery of Iron-Dextran via Transdermal Route

The objective of the research was to assess the feasibility of delivery of Iron-Dextran via transdermal route with the aid of microneedles to treat Iron Deficiency Anemia in hairless rat model. Technology used in the research has the potential to replace injectables and, in doing so, increase patient compliance.

- Download (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Using Quality by Design Approach to Correlate Patient Usage to the In Vitro Performance of a Nasal Spray Product

This study shows how high-resolution measurements of human usage (“ergonometrics”) of a commercially available nasal spray pump device vary between different age groups of people, including the effect of dominant vs. non-dominant hand, and how these ergonometrics are related to in vitro performance. The QbD approach used in the study was designed to fit with FDA guidance that calls for nasal spray pump developers to replicate actual patient actuation parameters.

- Download (PDF, 456 KB)

Validation of a Particle Size Determination Method for Nano-particles by Dynamic Laser Light Scattering

R&D experts explain why particle size analysis is of paramount importance in pharmaceutical product development and why light scattering and optical microscopy methods are typically employed for particle size analysis in drug development and quality control activities.

- Download (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Enhancing the Solubility of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs in the Presence of Nano-Emulsion Particles

DPT’s R&D experts explain the effects of different types of nano-emulsions and the particle size of the nano-emulsion on the solubility of different APIs.

- Download (PDF, 376 KB)