Managing a Safe, Secure, Global Supply Chain

Supply chain management has become increasingly complex, especially with increased globalization. This eBook outlines four challenging aspects and offers solutions to ensure success while minimizing interruptions, unexpected expenses and quality control issues.

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Aseptic Manufacturing: A Roadmap to Excellence

In recent years, numerous weaknesses within the manufacture of sterile injectable drugs have been identified. As a result, nearly one-third of the industry’s sterile injectable manufacturing capacity is off line because of quality issues, according to a Congressional report.

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Sterile Manufacturing of Semi-Solids and Liquids

The role of sterility is a simple one–it is to protect people against infection and contamination, which is a particular issue when sterile products are used in seriously ill people whose immune systems are already compromised. Because of the risk of infection, sterility is particularly important for injectables and eye products, and the primary challenge related to their manufacturing and packaging.

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Capitalizing on the Outsourcing Option

This document explains how and why a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) can help your business thrive under changing market conditions. It also provides tips for initiating, building and maintaining a service provider relationship that benefits both parties.

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