Semi-solids and Liquids

DPT’s Center of Excellence for Semi-solids and Liquids is supported by in-house quality and microbiology labs, robust quality systems and a team of highly skilled technicians to support your manufacturing needs.

Semi-solid and Liquid Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services

  • Pilot, clinical trial material and commercial-scale manufacturing
  • cGMP batch sizes from 0.3 kg to 25,000 kg
  • Compartmentalized, controlled environment and XP compounding
  • Controlled substances Schedule II – V
  • Extensive range of vessel, dissolver and mixing options
  • Vacuum pressure capabilities
  • Nitrogen/inert gas blanketing
  • Direct-to-line packaging
  • HEPA air filtration and improved air handling
  • Wide range of lighting options for light-sensitive materials

Semi-solid and Liquid Packaging Capabilities

  • Advanced barrier systems
  • Airless and metered-dose pump system
  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Metal and laminate tubes
  • Piston barrier systems
  • Pouches
  • Rectal and vaginal applicators
  • Syringes – large format and dial dose
  • Thermo and cold-form blisters for liquids and semi-solids
  • Unique and specialized pharmaceutical packaging
  • Virtually any secondary packaging required

DPT’s  450,000 sq ft Center of Excellence for Semi-solids and Liquids located in San Antonio, Texas is dedicated to the manufacturing of non-sterile semi-solids and liquids. At DPT we combine infrastructure with teams of scientists who have an in-depth understanding of semi-solids and liquids that is backed by decades of experience. It is this combination of people and infrastructure that sets us apart from other CDMOs.