Aerosol Foams & Sprays

In our dedicated cGMP facility, our team of top scientists provide innovative solutions to meet the unique aerosol manufacturing needs of our customers.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Aerosol Formulations include:

  • cGMP compounding batch sizes from 0.3 kg to 25,000 kg
  • cGMP filling from pilot to clinical to commercial scale
  • Controlled substances Schedule III – V
  • Extensive range of canister and bottle sizes and configurations
  • Valve sizes including 15 mm, 20 mm and 1″ cup
  • Wide range of propellant options including Dymel® 134a, 227 pharma, AP-70, AP-35 and A-17 propellants
  • Wide range of coding, labeling and secondary packaging options

With decades of experience  in aerosol formulation and manufacturing,  our scientists have the expertise to bring your product to market. You can count on us to anticipate and overcome potential hurdles avoiding unnecessary delays with your project.

Whatever the therapeutic indication our aerosol manufacturing team has the expertise to make your project a success. From choosing a propellant to commercial-scale manufacturing, our team can provide the support you need.

With a singular focus on your project, an exemplary regulatory record and a dedicated support team, you can count on DPT for aerosol formulation and manufacturing.

Dymel® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.