DPT’s strong heritage dates back to 1938 when it began as Texas Pharmacal Company, widely recognized as the first dermatology company in the United States. After several acquisitions, Texas Pharmacal was renamed Dermatological Products of Texas in 1980.

A decade later, DFB Pharmaceuticals acquired Dermatological Products of Texas and renamed it DPT Laboratories, Ltd. This marked the beginning of a new era as our focus expanded into providing comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services for highly regulated products.

In 2010, Confab was acquired by Renaissance Acquisition Holdings. Subsequently, DPT was also acquired by Renaissance Acquisition Holdings in 2011. In 2013, Confab integrated with DPT to offer a broader range of services.

Today, we are well-known in the industry for our unique capabilities, reputation for quality and expertise in non-sterile and sterile semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. With operations in both San Antonio, Texas, and Lakewood, New Jersey, we have the resources and capacity to efficiently serve your pharmaceutical development and manufacturing needs.

No other company can match our 75-year history of financial strength, stability and technical expertise in semi-solids and liquids. As we continue to grow, our priority remains the same. We will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and service.